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Information such as the latest discoveries and research or studies are published through these magazines, keeping people who are in the field up to date and also allowing for the interested ones to understand more. There are various magazines that cater to the many different fields of hobbies. There are magazines out there that are catered towards the model kit communities, the action figure communities, and even those who are into sewing.

The many different magazine types are endless and regardless of whatever hobby a person may be in, chances are there is a magazine for them. Magazines that mainly touch on the many aspects of a women's life, covering a wide variety of topics from health and fitness to topics such as women in sporting or business trends.

The topics covered and articles present in Women's Lifestyle magazines are on a general scale. Probably the most iconic style of magazines are the tabloid style magazines which cover many sensational stories and the juiciest of gossips around. The stories and gossip stories in these types of magazines namely revolve around prominent figures such as artists, actors, and even political figures!

Japanese Magazines + Freebies Galore at Kinokuniya

Many of these magazines contain many different types of articles. Although they are mainly news-like articles, infographics and how-to's are usually included as well, to provide a variety. Some magazines also come with freebies, most e specially hobby magazines that may come with a kit or a model of sorts. See More. I'd call it a travel wallet. Not that great a quality but I used it for a while. Don't know where it is now. It was another multi-case in pastel yellow with colourful polkadots.

It even came with a strap. Colour run? I think I threw it away not long after.

Embassy of Japan in Singapore

What a waste of money. Not too expensive last time. Now should be at least RM Damn you inflation. I think it was an around the world theme. But seriously the tote was so small what was I thinking? I bought it because I missed Jb so much and by default that means Singapore so seeing the merlion sealed the deal.

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I was in Slim River at the time. I wonder if anyone here knows where it is. I was in the midst of recognizing brands but this just looks like a cheap pasar malam rip off. I pretended it looked like the real deal and even put up these pictures on my blog. At this point I realize I have bought too much junk.

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The good thing though is that since it's technically a magazine I get tax rebates. Old instagram filter. I would say these are of really good quality. No complaints. It's probably still around somewhere. I love these hair care samples! Who knew Lux produces good shampoo? Can't find it anywhere in Malaysia though. The problem is that it's the size of small Japanese books.

It's still brand new in my cupboard. Anyone wants to buy? I don't actually know what it is. I thought it was a scarf but actually it's used to tie lunch boxes?


Hmm this freebie looks similar to the tote I bought later. You'll see it if you scroll up. I seriously buy too many of these mags. Here's a Harrods mook bought in September.

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Harrods bags sell for exorbitant prices in Malaysia so I was happy to get it for around RM I used it till it broke. This was bought in September. If you stayed this long to read this I salute you. I'm getting bored myself but I do want to document my freebie past. I do not know why I bought this.

It's cotton patchwork patterned and makes me look aunty. The parquet was from my apartment in Slim River. I probably bought this cos Gelato Pique gave a great quality freebie in the past. The past is nothing. Bought this in June on my honeymoon. We all know I am a sucker for a freebie, hahaha! And one of my favorite things to buy abroad are magazines with nice free stuff, sometimes even limited edition branded collaborations!

I used to just buy my magazines at the airport or any magazine stand, until I discovered Kinokuniya's special magazine section. I know the Japanese are famous for the eMooks with really nice premiums, but unfortunately they don't come cheap, so I haven't really bought any.

Kinokuniya in Ngee Ann City Takashimaya has a magazine counter where they feature all the exclusive offers you can only get from their store.