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Free 50 point safety inspection. See availability. How much does Brake Pad Replacement cost? Brake Pad Replacement Service What are brake pads and how do they work? When to replace brake pads? Here are several indications that you need new brake pads: Wear indicator on vehicle dashboard. When the friction material on the brake pads is worn to within 2 mm of the pad backing plate, replacement of the pads is necessary. Most newer cars today have electronics built into the brake pad. High pitched squeal when braking. When the friction material on the pads is worn close to the backing plate, you may hear a squealing or squeaking noise as you drive regardless of whether you are applying the brakes or not.

That squealing or squeaking noise is designed to make you aware that the brake pads are getting low and need to be inspected. If all of the friction material on the brake pad has been worn away, you will hear grinding and scraping noises when you apply the brakes. Pad replacement is mandatory at this point and the vehicle is unsafe to drive until corrected. Brake pedal pulsation or vehicle vibration. If these defects exist, you may notice pulsation in the brake pedal or steering wheel during braking.

New pads and rotor resurfacing or replacement will be required if the rotor has any of the above-mentioned deficiencies. Vehicle pulling or wandering on braking. If your car pulls to the right or left during braking, that could be a sign of a sticking brake caliper, misalignment of the suspension, and sometimes tire defects or uneven tire inflation from side-to-side.

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The mechanic who inspects your vehicle will determine if new brake pads alone will resolve the issue or if other repairs are needed. High mileage on existing pads. Regardless of whether any of the above brake system symptoms occur, every 10, miles a mechanic should measure the thickness of the remaining friction material on the brake pads and perform a thorough visual inspection of the braking system. Should your brake system warning light ever illuminates, or a brake system related maintenance reminder message appears in the driver information display, have your vehicle inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

How do mechanics replace brake pads? Normally, pad replacement requires these steps: Confirm the thickness of the remaining friction material on the brake pads. If the remaining friction material is less than 2 mm in thickness, pad replacement is warranted. Visually inspect the brake rotor surface that contacts the pad for scoring, pitting, grooves, rust and measure the brake rotor with precision tools for thickness variation, run-out and warpage.

Inspect the caliper, torque plate, pads, and rotors to determine if the caliper is operating freely i.

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Install new pads and any additional recommended components e. Lubricate brake system components, such as caliper sliding pins, and inspect the condition of the brake fluid. Top off brake fluid as required. Perform a basic 50 point safety inspection of your vehicle. Finally, the mechanic will test drive your vehicle to confirm normal operation of the brake system. Is it safe to drive with a brake pad problem? When replacing brake pads keep in mind: Brake pads must always be replaced as a set, that is both wheels driver and passenger side on an axle, front or rear, must be serviced.

I really trust him and know my car is in good hands when he is working on it. Thank you, Shawn! Alonzo was on time and also gave me input on other things to have done. Everything was professional and I am very satisfied with the work done. Thank you. The best mechanic experience I have ever had in my life. Roberto was kind, professional and on time. He worked quickly, was neat and friendly.

Brake Pad Replacement Cost – How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Because of this experience, I will be telling everyone on my social media accounts how amazing Wrench is. The prices were very reasonable and it's no wait time since you're the only car. Thank you, Roberto, for a job well done!!! Hugo was awesome. First he explained the problem and how to avoid it in future. He was fast and efficient.

Thanks Hugo. Very informative, patient and helpful with the information he provided me. I recommend him for future jobs. Very prompt, knowledgeable and courteous!

Troubleshot, repaired and had my vehicle back together and running in less than two hours! Saved me untold headaches and hours towing it to a shop and then waiting in line to find out what was wrong and THEN what it would cost me to have it repaired! Would recommend him and this company anytime! Jason is a pretty solid guy, very patient, knowledgeable, and gets things done in a timely manner. Definitely went above and beyond to make sure the job got done correctly.

I highly recommend his services. Look forward to requesting him again. Very professional and did great work! I will definitely be recommending him to family and friends and will call him for any future auto repairs. Alternator Replacement. Battery Replacement. Brake Caliper Replacement. Brake Pad Replacement. Diagnostic Service. Emissions Failure Repair. Ignition Coil Replacement. Oil and Filter Change. Radiator Replacement.

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Brake Pad Replacement Cost – How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Call to book now. We have a few openings left tomorrow! Get your new tires replaced at home. Limited same day availability. Learn more. Wear indicator on vehicle dashboard Brake pedal pulsation or vehicle vibration High pitched squeal when braking High mileage on existing pads Vehicle pulling or wandering on braking If your vehicle and brakes are under-performing, Wrench brake pad replacement mechanics can help.

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Get A Free Quote. View Profile. Stanley was great! He was on time and got to work right away diagnosing and fixing my problem. Excellent job thorough and professional. Did work quick, and explained what was wrong when he found it in a way I understood. Nice dude.